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TYR x WHOOP Durafast Elite® Diamondfit Swimsuit

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Introducing the world's first smart swimsuit. In partnership with the world-leader in swimming innovation, TYR, we're bringing you the most revolutionary way to track your workouts in the pool. The swimsuits pair TYR's famed performance-first fit and fabrics with WHOOP Any-Wear technology, enabling you to move your WHOOP 4.0 from your wrist to your swimsuit.

The TYR x WHOOP suits are rigorously tested to ensure comfort and data accuracy, so you can maximize your output and minimize your drag in the water.

What is WHOOP Body?

Our enhanced line of technical garments, WHOOP Body, was engineered with multi-point wearability and built-in WHOOP pods to house WHOOP 4.0 and detect data in multiple places across your body. Plus, WHOOP 4.0 leverages Any-Wear technology so you can monitor your data and use the app to detect sensor placement when you insert it into any WHOOP Body garment.  Only compatible with WHOOP® 4.0.

WHOOP device and membership not included. Visit and sign up for a membership today!